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English Language Learners

English Language Learners

St. Catherine’s Academy’s English Language Learners (ELL) program is designed for students whose native language is not English.

A combination of self-contained and mainstreamed classes supports students as they develop fluency while also challenging them to practice newly acquired skills.

Our program provides an integrated approach to learning English. That means that reading, writing, listening, and speaking are part of the language experience in our classroom.

Grammar is taught through reading and writing experiences; vocabulary is taught through the context of reading and writing. Students share their work by reading it aloud to others in class, providing opportunities to practice conversation skills and pronunciation.

Because the cognitive skills and concepts learned in a primary language transfer to learning a second language, our program provides meaningful, authentic language experiences integrated throughout the curriculum.

Our program provides learning experiences that are meaningful and relevant to students’ lives in an environment that fosters a community of English language learners, where all students are working to improve their individual skill levels, helping others to do the same.

Rigorous, quality teaching of challenging curriculum is appropriate for all students in our program. All English language learners are able to improve their academic English and achieve success in their language skills when given the support they need.


SCA's ELL program consists of a mixture of self-contained (ELL students only) and mainstreamed classes. This combination gives students confidence as they master new English skills while also challenging them in subjects with less emphasis on reading and writing.

  • Religion – Self-contained/Ell Students Only

  • English/Composition – Self-contained/ELL students only

  • Grammar – Self-contained/ELL students only

  • History/Social Studies – Self-contained/ELL students only

  • Vocabulary/Literature - Self-contained/ ELL Students Only

  • Math/Pre-Algebra/Algebra/Geometry – Mainstreamed with regular students

  • Science/Spanish/Art/Physical Education/Music/Religion – Mainstreamed with regular students

Who is an ELL Student?

A student is placed in the ELL program if he does not meet the proficiency level recommended for the grade in which he is enrolled.  

The ELL student population consists of:

  • International students with an F-1 visa

  • United States citizens or legal residents (with a Green Card) who live outside the United States

  • United States citizens or legal residents (with a Green Card) who live in the United States


ELL students are mainstreamed with non-ELL students in all subject areas once they meet English proficiency in comparison to a typical non-ELL student in their grade level.

Admissions Team

Our admissions team is here to help you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with your family!


Ms. Deisy Escobedo

Director of Admissions

714-772-1363 x154

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