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Skills for Life

Skills for Life

Personal Attributes gained from the St. Catherines Academy Experience

Skills For Life

Wouldn't you like your son to have these skills as he enters high school and college?

  • Organizational skills

  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges

  • Following directions

  • Working on a team

  • Leading others

  • Moral courage

The self-discipline, focus, problem solving, and leadership skills fostered through SCA's military tradition will provide your son with an unparalleled competitive advantage. From a very young age, students develop values and virtues that will benefit them throughout high school, college, and adulthood.

Organizational Skills

Organization and the ability to take on personal responsibility are important skills both in school and in life. However, these traits can be challenging for many boys. SCA’s distinctive structure helps students foster fundamental organizational skills that are necessary for success in high school and college. Strong study skills are a daily part of a cadet’s life. The Cadet Handbook clearly outlines academic requirements, such as keeping an agenda for daily homework assignments, bringing appropriate materials to class, and listening carefully to directions. Outside of academics, inspections ensure that cadets maintain a tidy appearance and organized locker.


So often we see boys struggle with completing homework, remembering personal items, and finishing chores. But studies show that boys are able to accept responsibility from a young age. What is the disconnect?

Boys need to be given the expectation and the chance to rise to the occasion. SCA's military tradition outlines clear expectations for academics, behavior, and effort. A proven system of rewards and consequences helps students to quickly learn to take personal responsibility for their actions and choices.

Through the military tradition, students are also given special responsibilities, such as:

  • Recommending merits and demerits

  • Maintaining daily logs related to the activities of the military department

  • Serving as cadet sentries (monitors) during recess

  • Keeping the academy grounds and facilities clean and free of litter

  • Supervising the dining hall

  • Maintaining order and discipline in the dorms

Goal Setting

A common trait among successful individuals is that they can set goals and execute a plan for reaching them. But how do we teach this to our young people? SCA believes that goal setting can be developed through practice and experience. The military tradition provides a variety of opportunities that motivate students to set goals and carry out a plan of action to accomplish them.

Whether their goal is earning a promotion in rank, winning cadet of the month, or setting a personal best on the obstacle course, cadets learn to set a goal, envision the steps necessary to reach it, and work over the course of days, weeks, or even months to accomplish it. This practical experience quickly transfers to other aspects of their lives.

Moral Courage

Students today are living in challenging times. As technology and exposure increase, children today must navigate a new world of moral and ethical challenges. SCA's military tradition encourages strong character traits, such as honor, respect, camaraderie, and chivalry, so that students can become caring citizens, honorable leaders, and kind human beings. Our school-wide formation program complements the military tradition and fosters faith, morality, and service to others.

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