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Music Programs

Each grade participates in weekly music classes as part of the general curriculum, with topics including ancient to modern music, world music, and the history of American music.

Our extensive music program also offers individual and small group instruction in marching band, piano, and guitar.

Marching Band

Students in 4th - 8th grade are invited to join the Marching Knights – St. Catherine’s Academy band. Weekly private lessons and daily formal practices are a part of each band member's schedule. The Marching Knights participate in various community concerts and parades and perform at three school drills throughout the year.


Our piano program is open to cadets in TK - 8th grade. One hour a week of private lessons along with scheduled practice times help develop good habits in even the youngest cadets. Students begin with simple drills that teach the fundamentals, like note reading and rhythm, and progress into classical works by Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Because lessons are one-on-one, students can move at their own pace. SCA has 10 individual piano rooms to allow students to practice before and after school.


Students in 4th - 8th grade can take small group guitar classes. They develop a strong foundation through weekly classes that teach basic skills including technique, music reading, and chord playing.

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