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Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

As a private Catholic school, St. Catherine's Academy has the flexibility to teach beyond the subjects covered by standardized tests.

We believe in a well-rounded curriculum that includes the arts, physical education, Spanish, and penmanship in addition to the core subjects.


Students participate in 50 minutes of music classes per week as part of the general curriculum. Topics include history of music, music appreciation, and hands-on use of instruments like drums, recorders, and xylophones. Students can also choose to participate in our extracurricular music programs in marching band, piano, and guitar.


Students receive at least 60 minutes of art instruction each week. Projects create a foundation of basic art skills and offer an introduction to art history and appreciation. Skills include drawing, watercolors, charcoal, pastels, shading, still-life, perspective, mosaics, symmetrical art, and calligraphy.

Physical Education

Students participate in 50-100 minutes of physical education class each week. Our program fosters positive health habits, good sportsmanship, and perseverance. It also provides an outlet for boys' natural energy so they can focus when in the classroom. Our physical education teacher incorporates a variety of activities to teach a range of basic skills and keep class exciting. Activities include swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, street hockey, the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge, and various stretching and exercises.


Students participate in 50 minutes of Spanish class each week. Our program creates a foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and culture that will serve students well as they begin to study foreign language more intensely during high school.


Students have a daily lesson and practice time in printing or cursive handwriting, based on grade level. While many schools have stopped teaching handwriting altogether, we are proud of our cadets' ability to correspond in neat and legible cursive.

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