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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Give Your Son The Best Start by Creating the Best Foundation

St. Catherine's Academy's early childhood program includes transitional kindergarten - 2nd grade. The academic program is characterized by:

  • Very small class sizes

  • A hands-on learning environment

  • Teachers educated in Early Childhood Education

  • A hands-on approach that acknowledges the unique learning styles of boys, especially in the beginning years of school

  • Communication with parents through Class Dojo, emails, and newsletters

St. Catherine’s Academy has been the best decision we’ve made. The early childhood program was exciting, creative and challenging. Our son was excited to go to school, and his confidence blossomed with each new day.

Which grade is right for my son?

Curriculum Highlights


Early childhood program religion focuses on knowing God as three persons (Holy Trinity) and understanding His kingdom. Students learn through Bible stories and experience creation with their five senses. The curriculum emphasizes prayer and service, offering many opportunities for practical applications.

STREM-Based Robotics

The early childhood program provides an introductory STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program. Students will work in groups to design and build a robot complete with gears, sensors, and a motor. They will program the robot to complete an action with basic computer coding. For example, a robotic alligator will snap its mouth closed when it detects motion.

How Does the Military Program Fit In?

Students in our early childhood program do not formally participate in the military program, which begins in third grade. They are, however, growing into the structure, honor, and peer leadership of this school-wide program.

Students in our early childhood program participate in monthly reports, where they are recognized for their achievements in academic subjects and classroom activities. They also look up to our student leaders as role models, stand in formation each morning to hear announcements, and wear a simplified version of our school uniform. This level of participation helps young students develop confidence and feel a part of the school community.


After School

TK - 2nd Grade

  • After-School Care: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

This program is for students in TK - 2nd grade. Activities include nap/rest time, homework help, reading, games, sing-a-longs, and outside time.

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