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We offer competitive sports through the Parochial Athletic League (PAL). Students can try out for our JV and Varsity teams in flag football, basketball, and volleyball.

We also compete in friendly scrimmage games for soccer and hold an annual intramural swim meet.

At SCA, athletics and physical education classes complement our military tradition. Sportsmanship is a key element in the SCA program. St. Catherine’s athletes play with honor, integrity, and sportsmanship.

Recent Championships

SCA has competitive sports teams and has won numerous football, basketball, and volleyball league championships. Recent championships include:

  • P.A.L. Basketball Championships

-2012-2013, 2011-2012, 2006-2007

  • P.A.L. Flag Football Championship


  • P.A.L. Volleyball Championship

-2012-2013, 2001-2002

  • JV Championships

-Basketball, North League Champions 2018-2019

-Football, North League Champions 2014-2015

-Volleyball, North League Champions 2013-2014

Athletic Facilities

SCA is home to exceptional athletic facilities among elementary schools in the area. We are frequently chosen to host PAL playoff and championship games.

  • Indoor swimming pool

  • Gymnasium

  • Football/soccer field


Team Information

SCA flag football

Flag Football

SCA basketball


SCA volleyball


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