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We take immense pride in our esteemed alumni - you've been the cornerstone of SCA since 1889! We cordially invite you to engage further with us. Here are a few interesting opportunities.

Plan your visit

We're excited to welcome you and your family for a campus tour. While we try to welcome drop-ins, we recommend scheduling a visit for the best experience, with weekend and evening slots available.


Join SCA Gatherings

Join SCA Gatherings SCA conducts various fundraising, community-building, and entertainment events annually. Show your SCA spirit, reconnect with fellow alumni, and support our cadets by joining us.

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Contribute as a Volunteer

Volunteering offers an enriching way to engage. Donate your time and skills. Reach out to us to explore how your unique talents can benefit our community.


Share Your Suggestions

Got innovative ideas for alumni events or participation? We're all ears! Don't hesitate to get in touch with your suggestions.

Updating Contact Details?

Not getting SCA updates could indicate outdated or inaccurate contact information.


Share your Updates

We're eager to hear about your family, academic, career, hobby updates, and more. Fill this form to keep us posted. We might share your updates on our website or alumni newsletter.

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Alumni Registration Form

St. Catherine's Alumni! Get in touch with us to see how you can become part of the growing number of former cadets and recreate your Esprit de Corps

What are you interested in?

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Alumni Form
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