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A Great Place To Be A Boy

St. Catherine's Academy knows boys. We have been educating them exclusively for over 100 years. Our all-boys school program is focused in the interests and needs of boys and young men so they can succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

7 Reasons Why Boys Excel at SCA

1. They are allowed to learn at their own developmental pace, which often does not match that of girls in the early years of education.  This helps them feel successful from the start.

2. They are engaged by lessons that incorporate their interests and learning styles.

3. Physical energy is channeled appropriately so they can focus when needed.

4. Organizational skills are taught, not taken as a given.

5. They gain hands-on leadership experience.  Our military tradition provides the structure, expectations, and peer leadership that boys need to stay focused and reach their full potential.

6. They form lasting friendships without pressure to impress girls or compete for feminine attention.

7. Military staff serve as excellent role models.

Myths About All-Boys Schools

Most schools are coed.  Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Coeducational schools began for financial reasons, not because educational research supported this model. It may be more economically efficient to teach boys and girls in the same room with the same teacher, but it is not necessarily better for the students and their learning outcomes.

Boys already have the advantage in our education system.

Research actually shows that traditional American elementary schools favor the learning styles of girls. Teachers expect students to sit quietly and listen. This is simply not the best way for boys to process information, especially in the primary grades.

All-boys schools focus on sports, not a well-rounded education.

Students at all-boys schools feel free to explore a variety of subject areas. Research shows that students who attend an all-boys school are twice as likely to study music, art, or foreign language at an advanced level. At SCA, students are interested in sports, but many of our young men also play in the band, study calligraphy, and audition for the annual Christmas musical.

My son is too sensitive for an all-boys school.  He won’t fit in.

Because students feel comfortable pursuing many interests, they find they have more in common. In an all-boys environment, students are more likely to view each other as close friends. SCA's Catholic and military traditions further instill a spirit of brotherhood and close bonds that last a lifetime. 

Students who attend all-boys schools won't know how to interact socially with girls.

Educators and researchers have found that graduates of all-boys schools tend to be more confident and courteous around girls. On the whole, they grow to be more sensitive men. At SCA, chivalry is a key virtue taught in our military tradition.

Additional Resources

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