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Middle School

Middle School

St. Catherine's Academy's middle school program includes 7th - 8th grade.

The academic program is characterized by:

  • Small classes and caring teachers, putting the focus on the individual student

  • A holistic approach that includes faith formation, enrichment classes, and character development in addition to the core academic subjects

  • An emphasis on study skills, organization, and personal responsibility in preparation for high school

Curriculum Highlights


Middle school religion covers a variety of topics, including Church history, morality, scripture, saints, sacraments, and the Dominican charism. Our religion program is rooted in Catholic tradition but encourages students of all faiths to grow in their personal spirituality. Students also plan several school-wide liturgies where they serve as readers, altar servers, ushers, and gift bearers.


Middle School mathematics covers Common Core standards and important mathematics strands, such as number theory, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, statistics, and probability – as appropriate to each level. Curriculum standards are met and, at the same time, teachers focus on specific student needs. Advanced students may take math class with the grade level ahead if recommended by their SCA teacher. Zero period geometry is also available.


Middle school science follows Next Generation Science Standards, an integrative approach covering earth science, life science, physical science, and engineering in each of the middle school grades. Students learn through hands-on experiments in our campus science lab. Labs include dissections, water bottle rockets, marble roller coasters, fermentation, extracting DNA from a strawberry, observing cells and pond life under a microscope, and more.

Language Arts

The language arts program covers the Common Core Standards through a complete curriculum focused on writing and grammar in print and digital formats. With writing instruction at the core, grammar, usage, and mechanics are learned in the context of the students’ own writing. Throughout each core writing unit, the six traits of effective writing are integrated into the steps of the writing process.


SCA's English Language Learners (ELL) program develops English fluency and proficiency for students whose native language is not English. Please visit our ELL page for more information.

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