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Technology continues to evolve and grow in the mission at St. Catherines Academy.

St. Catherine's Academy is committed to offering an educational program that:

  • Utilizes technology to enhance understanding and engagement

  • Prepares digitally literate students to contribute to an evermore technological world

  • Teaches students to be responsible, safe, and kind in their use of technology

21st Century Classrooms

SCA classrooms are state-of-the-art. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive projector that utilizes SMART software. These tools mean that students can interact with classroom content in a variety of ways. SMART software provides opportunities for visual, audio, and tactile learners. SMART software also displays all forms of media, including videos, images, graphs, maps, illustrations, and games.

All teachers have dual laptop/tablet devices, which give them the ability to move around the classroom while staying connected. For example, teachers can share a video with an individual student who may need a concept explained in a different way, monitor how students are using their own devices by moving to the back of the classroom, and even bring along their device during a field trip to augment the experience.

1:1 Program

Students in 1st - 8th grade participate in our 1:1 laptop program. Each student has an Acer Chromebook computer that he utilizes during class. This program offers a variety of educational tools to help students understand new concepts and become comfortable utilizing technology in a productive way.

SCA subscribes to Google Apps for Education so students in the 1:1 program have domain-specific email accounts, which they use to collaborate with other students and faculty. Google Apps for Education also offers basic study tools, like flashcards, calendars, calculators, and more.

Through Google Classroom, students get assignments, submit work, and receive feedback and graded work. By utilizing Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail, they gain experience in cloud-based programs as well as the Microsoft Office Suite. Both are must-have skills for high school, college, and professional life.

Digital Textbooks and Resources

SCA utilizes a combination of hard copy and digital textbooks so students are comfortable with both types of reference. Digital textbooks offer various tools to accommodate different learning styles and build good study habits. SCA's digital textbooks provide videos, interactive glossaries, audio texts, and interactive labs/projects. The following classes currently use digital textbooks:

Teachers also use a variety of online resources to enhance the learning process, such as:

Internet Safety

Teaching students safe and appropriate use of the Internet is a priority at St. Catherine's Academy. At the beginning of the year, all students participate in a grade-level appropriate orientation and safety training program from Common Sense Education. Topics include cyber bullying, digital footprints, and digital citizenship.

Firewalls and other precautions are in place as an extra layer of protection. Diocesan and school filters prevent students from visiting social media and other non-school related sites. Domain-specific email addresses allow students to collaborate and access programs but keep them from contacting anyone outside the SCA network.

St. Catherine's Academy also places a strict policy of student's not retaining any outside personal devices such as phones or smart devices during normal school hours to eliminate any distractions and ensure student safety.

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