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Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition Assistance FAQ

What are typical ranges of tuition assistance awarded to families? 

The tuition assistance committee will consider all applications and will follow the good practice for financial aid. Tuition assistance is available to families in all three divisions of our school: Day Students, 5-Day Resident, 7-Day Resident. 

When should I apply for tuition assistance? 

Apply at the time of your initial application is submitted. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

What costs are covered by tuition assistance? 

Tuition assistance is credited to the tuition, room and board, general fee, family fee, infirmary account and personal account. 

What factors determine family's eligibility? 

The tuition assistance award is based on financial need demonstrated. The ability to pay tuition is assessed from the financial data supplied on the application form from FACTS analysis. The award varies per year, per student. 

When do we find out if we received tuition assistance? 

The tuition assistance amount will be announced during the final step of the admission process which is a school interview. The applicant and his parents meet with the school principal, Sister Johnellen. 

Will applying for tuition assistance affect a student’s chance of admission to the school? 

No, decisions regarding admission and tuition assistance are made independently and confidentially.

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