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As an international boarding school, St. Catherine’s Academy draws boys from all over the world who attend SCA to learn English and experience life in America.

St. Catherine's Academy

St. Catherine's Academy is an international day and boarding school in the United States (U.S.). Our international program is open to students in 4th - 8th grade. Since 1936, we have welcomed international students to study English and experience life in America.

In recent years, our program has welcomed international students from Mexico, Russia, France, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and Korea.

Who is an international student?

An applicant is considered an international student if he:

  • Is a US citizen residing outside of the United States

  • Is a US legal resident (with a Green Card) residing outside of the United States

  • Is applying for an F-1 Student Visa regardless of his place of residence

English Language Instruction

St. Catherine’s Academy welcomes international students who wish to strengthen their English language skills. Our English Language Learner (ELL) program is designed for students whose native language is not English.

Students are placed in the ELL program to build their English language skills if they do not meet the proficiency level recommended for their grade level. Once they are proficient, students are moved to mainstream English classes. Our immersion environment encourages rapid development of English.

St. Catherine’s Academy does not require TOEFL testing for acceptance.

A Catholic School With A Military Tradition

St. Catherine's Academy is a Catholic school with a military tradition. We offer outstanding academics, spiritual guidance, and the values and virtues of our military tradition, such as honor, responsibility, and leadership.


SCA's beautiful 8-acre campus is located in Anaheim near Los Angeles, California. Our central location makes a variety of cultural attractions available to our boarding students and provides easy transportation for international students and their families.

Application Process

Our experienced admissions team will walk you through the admissions process, including information on student visas. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible without requiring your family to obtain an outside consultant.

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students.

Admissions Team

Our admissions team is here to help you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with your family!


Ms. Deisy Escobedo

Director of Admissions

714-772-1363 x154

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