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Nurturing Young Minds: A Journey Through Early Childhood Education at St. Catherine’s Academy

Updated: Jan 29

At St. Catherine’s Academy, we take pride in our Early Childhood Education (ECE) program designed for children from Transitional Kindergarten (TK) to 1st grade. Our commitment to fostering a love for learning and providing a strong foundation sets the stage for a lifetime of academic success.

The Foundation of Learning - TK Curriculum

Transitional Kindergarten, also known as TK, serves as the foundation for our ECE program. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to foster social, emotional, and cognitive development. Through interactive activities, play-based learning, and engaging lessons, children develop essential skills that lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning.

Building Confidence in Kindergarten

As children transition to Kindergarten, our focus shifts to building confidence and independence. Our dedicated educators create a supportive environment where each child is encouraged to explore, question, and express themselves. The curriculum integrates subjects like language arts, mathematics, and science in a way that captivates young minds and ignites their curiosity.

Exploring the World in 1st Grade

In 1st grade, the journey of exploration continues. Our students delve into more advanced concepts while maintaining a playful and engaging approach to learning. The ECE program at St. Catherine’s Academy strives to make education a joyous experience, encouraging children to discover the world around them through hands-on activities and collaborative projects.

Parent Testimonials

"My boys love St Catherine’s Academy. They enjoy going to school and are excited to learn. They are somewhat shy and reserved but the small class sizes and individual attention have really helped them thrive. Sometimes we talk about moving and their first question is “Will I still be able to attend my school?” As working parents, we appreciate the individual attention and individualized learning they receive. I cannot say enough good things about this school." - Jeri M.

"As parents, we are always looking for ways to give our children the best opportunities in life. As an alumnus of St Catherine’s, it was always my dream that one day my son would also be able to be a part of the excellent tradition at SCA. I always knew I would want him to attend SCA because I truly believe it is a special place that creates a faith-filled foundation for success. I will forever be grateful for the lifelong lessons and education that SCA provided me with.

We have been blessed to have our son in the ECE program this year with two wonderful teachers. Ms. Tschombor and Ms. Ibarra go above and beyond with the boys and have made a huge impact on our son. He has developed so much this year, both educationally and spiritually. The teachers have fostered a love of learning in our son, and he is genuinely excited to go to school each day. We’ve been so impressed with the thought, time, and energy they put into their classroom teaching. Their methods of teaching are inspiring, and you can clearly see that they have a gift for nurturing young minds. We are grateful to have been blessed to have both teachers for our son’s first year in school. We can already see it will have a lasting positive effect on his future.

SCA’s entire staff have been so great! Everybody works together to ensure the boys have a great daily experience. We are excited to continue to witness Max’s shaping into a well-rounded cadet." - Chris O. 

At St. Catherine’s Academy,  we believe in laying the groundwork for a bright future through our ECE program. Witnessing the growth, confidence, and joy in our young learners is what makes our journey so fulfilling. If you're seeking an ECE program that goes beyond traditional education, St. Catherine’s Academy is the place where young minds thrive. Join us on this extraordinary adventure of learning and discovery!

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