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Grades, Uniforms, Tuition and more. You will find the links below to your most important tools during the school year.


Gradelink provides information about your son's current grades, class status, and assignments.

Please contact Admissions for any issues regarding your Gradelink password.

St Catherine's Academy Cadets


A cadet is required to be in uniform. The cost of uniforms is approximately $1,000 for 3rd - 8th grade and $300 for TK - 2nd grade. You can purchase uniform items through FSC Uniforms.

The minimum uniform requirements are:

  • Qty 1 Dress Green Cover (Dress Hat)

  • Qty 2 Black Covers (Daily Wear Caps)

  • Qty 1 Green Dress Uniform Coat

  • Qty 1 Green Dress Uniform Trousers

  • Qty 2 Black Boots (SCA Authorized Makes and Models only)

  • Qty 2 Light Green Dress Shirts

  • Qty 1 Regulation Black Jacket

  • Black Ties

  • Black Web Belts

  • SCA Green P.E. Shirts

  • SCA Black P.E. Shorts

  • SCA Green Sweatshirt

  • SCA Green Sweat Pants

  • SCA Green Polo Shirts

  • Black Walking Shorts

Other accessories are provided by SCA.

FSC Uniforms 562-806-8440

FACTS Tuition Management

Easily set up your payment plan for the school year.

FACTS Tuition Management Program Brochure

Please feel free to contact the finance office with any additional questions.

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