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St. Catherine's Academy

It is never to early to begin fostering qualities like self-confidence, initiative, honor, and responsibility. By beginning his school career in an environment that emphasizes these traits and more, your son will enter his teenage years with the confidence and determination to succeed.

SCA is a Catholic school with a military tradition. We are the only elementary military school that serves students in transitional kindergarten through 8th grade. Our age-appropriate program is based on the skills and abilities of younger students and provides a strong foundation for the future.

SCA's elementary military school program is divided into two groups:

Students in transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade do not formally participate in the military program. They do, however, grow into the structure, community, and peer leadership of this school-wide program through regular activities, such as wearing a modified version of the military uniform, being recognized for positive achievements during our monthly reports ceremony, and partnering with a “big brother” cadet.

Students in 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade are full members of our military program. They participate in daily military activities, earn rewards and consequences based on the merit/demerit system, and receive promotions in rank. Recognizing the needs and abilities of younger students, elementary school cadets focus on learning basic drill movements, maintaining a proper uniform, and following orders. These basic skills lay a foundation for self-confidence and personal responsibility.

Why choose an elementary military school?

  • Boys learn best in a structured environment.
  • The values and virtues of the military tradition, such as teamwork, respect, organization, and honesty become second nature when taught from a young age.
  • Young boys have lots of energy. The physical activities of the military tradition provide an outlet for this energy so students can focus in the classroom.
  • Military instructors provide positive male role models who love working with kids.

We invite you to learn more about our military tradition by exploring the other pages in this section.

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A Well-Rounded Approach

St. Catherine's Academy provides the structure and values you expect from an elementary military school. But that's just one aspect of our well-rounded program. As a Catholic school with a military tradition, we also offer outstanding academics, spiritual development, and a range of extracurricular activities.

Outstanding Academics

Academics at SCA are characterized by small classes and individualized attention. At the elementary level, the average class size is just 11 students. This means students receive the personal attention they need to succeed and reach their potential. SCA also offers a variety of individualized options for advanced students and for those who need extra support.

Our all-boys environment is especially beneficial to elementary age students. Research shows that the learning differences between boys and girls are greatest among young students. For instance, young girls are more able to sit still and listen for long periods of time. Girls also develop language and fine motor skills at an earlier age. SCA takes all of this into account to create an elementary program where boys can thrive.

Dominican Formation Program

St. Catherine's Academy is a Catholic school rooted in a school-wide Dominican formation program that emphasizes community, ministry (service), study, and prayer. These Dominican Pillars are the foundation for a faith-filled community where students of all religious backgrounds are able to grow in their personal spirituality. In addition to daily prayer, weekly Mass, and classroom religious instruction, students find that faith applies to all aspects of life.  

Boarding School Program

Boarding options are available for students in  4th - 8th grade. Our boarding program is designed especially for younger students. This means 24-hour supervision, lots of planned activities, and plenty of support as students live away from home for the first time. 

Students live in large dormitories of about 15 students. Each dorm is staffed by a resident care provider who helps with laundry, plans dorm activities, and provides nurturing and guidance.

We offer two boarding programs. In our 5-day boarding program, students stay on campus from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon and return home on the weekends to spend valuable, quality time with family. In our 7-day boarding program, students stay on campus throughout the year except for the winter, spring, and summer breaks. On weekends they participate in field trips and on-campus activities.

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